Our mission is to heal the world through nature!


Situated in the Los Yapas Botanical Park at the entrance of the Ecuadorian Amazon

Welcome to Los Yapas

The Ecolodge is located in the Los Yapas botanical park at the entrance of the Amazon. Home to ornamental flowers, medicinal plants, and endangered hardwood trees amongst others this park has been regenerated with consciousness and maintained with love since 2006.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of this paradise that has become a natural refuge for the flora and fauna of the region. Living here provides you with an opportunity to find your connection to nature once again. All attractions and activities are designed for people to discover and enhance their inner selves, healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

  • Restaurant and Bar

    At Los Yapas Holistic Center we place great importance on ensuring that only natural and healthy ingredients appear on your plates. 100% vegan, we do not use any ready-made products, instead we have fun creating new dishes every day, playing with our ingredients and spices. Your taste buds are in for an exciting journey of Andean, Amazonian, and international flavours.

    All your dishes and tropical fruit juices are prepared with love and consciousness.

    At night, stroll over to our bar and enjoy a drink. We offer natural and exotic cocktails prepared with our homemade Yapardiente (our own version of aguardiente) and freshly picked aromatic herbs.


  • Rooms

    Spend unforgettable nights in the heart of the Botanical Park Los Yapas. Sleep surrounded by nature in a lodge built from indigenous woods and in typical local style, in harmony with the environment.

    Our Superior rooms are equipped with

    • Comfortable big beds
    • WiFi
    • Hot water
    • 4 towels
    • Drinkable water
    • Adaptors
    • Infusions
    • Private bathroom
    • Private balcony with hammocks
    • Work desk

    Our Standard rooms are equipped with

    • Comfortable beds
    • WiFi
    • Hot water
    • 2 towels
    • Drinkable water
    • Adaptors
    • Infusions
    • Shared bathroom
    • Common rooftop with hammocks

    Prices (breakfast buffet included)

    Superior room: private bathroom and balcony
     1 Pax       2 Pax       3 Pax      4 Pax
     $60         $ 50         $40         $30

    Standard room: shared bathroom and common rooftop
     1 Pax        2 Pax
     $35          $30

    Due to the limited number of places, all bookings must be made in advance.


  • Services and Facilities

    At Los Yapas we aim to provide an atmosphere for you to feel at home. This is why we try to accommodate to every need. Should you have a special request, please let us know.

    • Vegan Restaurant
    • Bar area
    • Covered hammock area
    • Rubber boots and Rain poncho
    • Laundry Service
    • Private parking space
    • WiFi
    • Electricity 110V/60 Hz
    • Access to computer for urgencies
    • Free accommodation for group leader (10 or more pax)
  • Activities

    At Los Yapas Holistic Centre we believe in ‘Nature for Healing, Healing for Nature’.

    We believe humans are a part of nature, and that nature is our essence. Therefore, when we return to our essence, we heal. And by healing, we restore nature’s balance. 

    Botanical Garden
    25 hectares of regenerated forest with over five-thousand endangered hardwood trees and a wide biodiversity

    • Informative tour through the botanical park with permaculturist, PhD in molecular biology, and Los Yapas founder PhD Gabriela Aguilar (English, French, Spanish).
      You will observe a great biodiversity of orchids and other exotic plants of the Amazon, a wide variety of birds (over 120 identified species), and over 100 species of medicinal plants, learning about their properties and their use 2hours

    • Field work (use your hands to connect to the earth while leaving a positive print on our planet) 3hours

    • Plant or adopt a tree (medicinal plant or fruit tree) 2hours

    Chakana garden
    Where Art meets Nature creating a magical environment perfectly suited to fusion ancestral Asian practices with ancestral Andean and Amazonian ceremonies

    • Hatha Yoga 1hour 30min

    • Tai Chi 1hour

    • Tapping 1hour

    • Minfulness (Meditation with Tibetan bowls, breathwork, sound meditation) 1hour

    • Tobacco ceremony (Amazonian ancestral ceremony to clean your soul and body) 1hour

    Rio Puyo
    A tributary of the majestic Pastaza river, we are lucky to count on Rio Puyo flowing through Los Yapas as a natural pool

    • Clay therapy session (the Rio Puyo clay is one of the best clays in the world because of its medicinal properties) 2-3hours

    • Cable car ride to cross the river and discover the wilder side of our park 1hour

    Lago de Los Sueños
    A product of the forest regeneration and the water streams created as a result, this lake is one of the most picturesque places of Los Yapas

    • Canoe ride on the lake and its canals (flowing though the Chakana garden) 1-2hours

    Journey inside
    Discover your inner nature

    • Guayusa ceremony (ancestral medicinal plant tea ceremony) 2hours

    • Field work (use your hands to re-discover your connection to the earth, feel the oneness, and heal) 3hours
    • Workshops (communication, discover your inner shaman, herbalism, permaculture, arts & crafts, nutrition, vegan cooking, home-made sourdough bread baking) 1-2days

    • Diagnosis based on the 5 Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine 3hours

    For our in-depth inner-self healing therapies check the "Healing" tab.



    Botanical Garden
    Tour $20
    Field work , for 3 hours you receive a discount of $10 on your accomodation
    Plant or adopt a tree $10

    Chakana garden
    Hatha Yoga $20
    Tai Chi $10
    Tapping $10
    Mindfulness $20 
    Tobacco ceremony $10

    Rio Puyo
    Clay therapy $10
    Cable car ride $10

    Lago de Los Sueños
    Canoe ride by yourself

    If you want someone to drive the canoe $20

    Journey inside
    During the full moons or new moons we offer Guayusa ceremony as a gift 
    Workshops $200 each, $100 for bread baking
    Diagnosis $50

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