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Agroforestry and permacultue in general is the system that has been used in 25 hectars of land that was completly destroyed.

Everything started in 2006 with the planting of endangered species of trees from the Amazon. Now a days the place represents not only the refuge for a wide diversity of animals, fungi and plants but also for human animals. After starting the healing of the earth we focused now  on healing the main cause of the deforestation: the humankind. Of course, while we continue with the reforestation and the mantaining of the place.

So you feel you would like to accomplish your social and environmental responsibility by sharing some work with us.

You can volunteer, do an internship, take lectures and workshops.
Some activities you can practice or experience:

  • Reforestation, development and maintenance of the botanical park. This involves working with machetes, planting trees, park upkeep and other such manual work.
  • Hiking in the surrounding jungle, collecting seeds, plants and learning about taxonomy and the Amazon from a local guide.
  • Identify plants, birds, insects and fungi.
  • Cleaning invasive grass and apply compost and other permacultural techniques to improve the soil quality.
  • Office activities associated with the development of a conservation project.
  • Develop ecotourism and self-sustaining projects
  • Give workshops on the topics they are specialized (coaching, yoga, meditation, agroecology, ect.)
  • Trail and infrastructure building and maintenance.

There are much more ways you can participate, just contact us if you want to know more.

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