Our mission is to heal the world through nature!

Nature for Healing, Healing for Nature

We are healers of the earth, of human and non-human animals. Part of our work is to support indigenous populations' initiatives to conserve the Amazon rainforest. We chose to settle on a piece of land we call Los Yapas in the Amazon in order to restore the forest, rescue the native and endemic flora, and heal all kinds of living beings that live in our community as well as those who visit us.

The Foundation

  • Our vision

    Restore the Amazon rain forest and conserve the cultures and pristine forests of the region.

  • Our mission

    To be an organisation that unites and supports different social and environmental groups from the Amazon that promote sustainable alternatives respecting nature and indigenous cultures.

    In order to conserve and/or restore the forest, protect indigenous rights, protect animals and nature's rights, and stop global warming, we facilitate access to economic alternatives and knowhow resources, connections, guidance, and healing to the people interested in Amazon's rainforest conservation.

    Our mission in situ is to be an example of a social and environmental restoration project. A place where people can accomplish part of their social and environmental responsibility towards the planet.

  • Our goal

    Create a community where people with the same dreams and values can connect, exchange knowledge, and and create things together for the common goal of nature conservancy.

What do we do?

We promote permaculture and healing.

We have been collaborating with another organization called la Clínica Ambiental in the northern part of the Amazon. For the past13 years, la Clínica Ambiental has worked with people affected by oil exploitation and the glyphosate spraying in the lands at the border with Colombia. 
After 30 years of court action, Chevron Texaco still hasn't taken responsibility for the oil spills that caused a social and environmental disaster in the Amazon. The impact of this catastrophe was so harmful, it is known as the ‘Chernobyl of the jungle’.

After realizing that neither Chevron Texaco nor the Ecuadorian government were going to respond to the damages caused, let alone do something about it, la Clínica Ambiental took matters into their own hands by aiming to restoring the environment, the health of the people, as well as the region’s social fabric. 
‘Los Guardianes de Semillas’ (the Seed’s Guardians) have been training people on permaculture in all topics related to the soil, water, and food. 
Kausana supports la Clínica Ambiental by offering healing therapies to restore human health and the social fabric through workshops on topics like: nutrition, food as medicine, ancestral Chinese and native medicine from the Amazon and the Andes, yoga, meditation, and personal development.

Meanwhile, in the central-southern region of the Amazon, home to Los Yapas botanical park, we have been involved in environmental reparation for the past 13 years. Our social work has been focused on environmental education with children and adolescents, and on supporting indigenous women in their own projects focused on environmental conservation and protection of indigenous cultures.

Do you want to take part in the reforestation and conservation of the Amazon?

Nature is your passion, you have an interest in protecting the indigenous population of the Amazon rain forest, and you understand the importance of promoting inner-healing?

Join us and become a Los Yapas Founder.

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