Our mission is to heal the world through nature!

Who we are

We are a family of healers of the Earth and of the human being who in 2006 created the Los Yapas Botanical Park, with the aim of becoming an example of socio-environmental restoration of deforested and polluted areas of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

From the very beginning, Los Yapas focused on the creation and strengthening of alternative practices in the social, cultural, economic and environmental spheres based on the conservation of habitats and local communities as well as the preservation of human health. We believe in the strong intertwinement between human and the environment and so we look at the recovery of our land and forests through the lens of the recovery of human health and vice-versa.

Gabriela Aguilar: CEO and co-founder of Los Yapas Holistic Center.

PhD. in molecular biology and biochemistry.
Executive Director of the Kausana Foundation
12 years of experience as a holistic healer in ancestral
ancestral medicine.
12 years of experience in permaculture and medicinal plants
Reiki Master


Joel Luthi: Chief operating oficer at Los Yapas Holistic Center

Expert in bioconstruction
6 years of experience in permaculture and elaboration of food supplements and natural cosmetics.
6 years of experience in regenerative tourism, guiding and business administration.
CFC in motorcycle mechanics.


Victor Aguilar: CFO and co-founder of Los Yapas Holistic Center

Msc. in computer science.
16 years of experience in agroforestry
Director of the Kausana Foundation.

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